Beer tasting glasses and paddle

Beer tasting glasses and paddle

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Beer tasting glasses with a wooden paddle. Perfect gift for any beer lover, why not get one and have a little beer tasting session! These glasses when paired with their suitors will allow your taste buds to explode and your eyes to be tantalised by the gorgeous natural colours of the brews. 

For The Frill Of It:

  • Pilsner (730ml) - The narrow base of this glass maintains carbonation and the rim captures the head and focuses the aroma. 
  • Tulip (375ml) - The long stem keeps your hand away from the ale, keeping your drink nice and cold. This glass is best suited to belgian style and other light coloured ales.

  • Flute (375ml) - Best suited for dark beers and stouts, the shape accentuates the colours of the dark, rich roasted barley. 

  • Weizen (730ml) - This is the perfect glass for wheat beers, the narrow body and round top allows a nice thick head to form and prevents the brew going prematurely flat.

For The Serious Buyers:

  • Glass
  • Box contains four glasses plus paddle

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