The Perfect Gift Wine Opener Tool Set For A Fellow Wine Lover Friend!

The Perfect Gift Wine Opener Tool Set For A Fellow Wine Lover Friend!

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Everything you need in one handy little wine bottle - seems ironic doesn't it? 

We feel like this is the gift that keeps on giving... at least 3 nights a week right! 'How' you ask? ... For every time they pour, preserve or go to friends places for dinner - they shall take this gift and think of you... (you're welcome). 


For The Frill Of It:

  • Wine Collar/Ring - Stops any stray drips from running down the sides of the bottle... No more red wine rings on your nice tableware

  • Bottle Stopper - As we keep telling you, FRESH WINE... I say no more

  • Wine Pourer/stopper combo - Needs no explanation

  • Corkscrew/Bottle Opener 5 in one, swiss army knife styel! #winning 

  • Foil Cutter

  • Vanity case

For The Serious Buyers:

  • Stainless Steel Tools
  • Dimensions - Bottle/case 32.2x7.1cm, Bottle Stopper 9.2x2.4cm, Wine Collar 3.9x2.1cm, Wine Pourer combo 7.6x1.3cm, Foil Cutter 6.7x4.3cm, Corkscrew 11.2x2.2cm


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