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About Us


Welcome to the most impressive wine accessories site ever, plus cool stuff for beer as well, because we like to think we're a pretty accepting bunch. 

We wanted to share some context to what we're doing and why. WineFrill.com was formed really from a love of wine and all things entertaining! 

Most of the products on this impressive site are products we've either purchased and used ourselves and totally loved or products we've seen whilst being entertained and are yet to add to cart so to speak ;)

"Who Needs Accessories Though" Is What You're Thinking Right? 

Ok, seriously though. We get it, we've been there before. All we ask is that you push through the obvious confusion and read on... we'll tell you why you need them! 

Some Of Our Favs...


Ok, these beauties are absolutely the favourite addition to our briefcase of wine accessories. It's actually the first WineFrill product we added too. Picture this... you're pouring a glass or three of red, at your "dinks" neighbour's home. They have white floors, white walls, white bench tops.... you following? You have total responsibility for the pouring of these drinks... all you're thinking is 'please don't drip, please don't drip'.. are we right? ... Well, fear no more friend! These will become your wine bottle's sidekick - for life!


These babies make all wine taste good!!!... Ok maybe that's a stretch, but in all seriousness, they can make a world of difference to your sneaky Wednesday Hump Day drinkies...